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Wong House
Hillsborough, CA
foyer, living, dining remodel
(in collaboration with Joszi Meskan)

This 7,500 SF spec house, built in the early 1980s, underwent extensive remodeling to transform much of its interior spaces into a simple and yet elegant French style country house. Designed by Joszi Meskan, the 2-1/2 year long project involved teams of skilled craftsmen from different trades and a knowledgeable client, who was not only a family friend but also played a major role in the design process. As both project designer and carpenter, Lawrence Cheung helped his father supervise the project from the early stages of demolition to project completion. Reclaimed barn timbers that span high above the foyer and two-story living room were transported from a lumber mill in San Rafael, CA. Large quantities of French oak boards were purchased from France to be used for both flooring and the wall panels in the living and dining rooms. Each board was then pain-stakingly hand-scraped and distressed before going through a multi-step staining and finishing process. The baseboards, door casings, and European shutters were all custom made in white oak and later finished to match the warm honey-tone of the French oak panels.